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An anthology of haiku, senryu, tanka and haiga on the theme of help and support.

The annual members’ anthology of the Southern California Haiku Study Group.

A guide to writing within the tradition of haiku as espoused by the Yuki Teikei Haiku Society.

A collection of haiku by members of the Yuki Teikei Haiku Anthology.

A collection of haiku by American poet William Scott Galasso.

A comprehensive summary of international haiku scholarship by David Navarro.

An essay by Francisco José Francisco Carrera on the use of haiku in the classroom.

A collection of haiku by American poet Sydell Rosenberg.

A collection of haiku by Romanian poet Clelia Ifrim.

lupario_antsonthe move (1).pdf
A book of haiku, tanka and senryu by Oscar Luparia, with
a Foreword by Michael Rehling
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