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Sampled from the original - 現代俳句歳時記 無季 [Modern Haiku Saijiki: Muki] published by 学習研究社
(Gakushūkenkyūsha) 2004/05
ISBN-10: 4054023355
ISBN-13: 978-4054023352
The "muki" volume or "no-season kigo" volume from which this selection was made is one…

A discussion of differences between season words as used in English-language haiku, and kigo within the Japanese literary context.

A New Haiku Era by Richard Gilbert.pdf
The essay contains Richard Gilbert's introduction to muki kigo, non-season kigo, and a translation of the Preface to the Gendai Haiku Saijiki, 5 vols., 2004, by Kaneko Tohta, published by the Modern Haiku Association of Japan.
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